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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Are you shopping, opening an account, transferring money or just checking your balance online?  You want to be sure your transactions are secure.

We have additional security features that can help you stay safe online. 

  • Our mobile app allows you to setup account notifications or freeze / unfreeze your debit card. 
  • Our mobile app allows you to choose a unique username
  • You can use biometrics like a fingerprint or facial recognition to sign in. It's a great security feature becasue if you lose your phone, it won't allow others to access your account. 
  • Keep your contact information update. In case of an emergency, suspicious activity or a security threat or if we need to verify your identity, we'll need to know how to contact you. So it's important to keep us up to date. 

Using a Financial App? 

Many financial apps require you to share your financial accounts' usernames and passwords. Things you should know: 

  • How will they use your information, for how long and will they share it? Are you protected in case of a breach? 
  • Ending their access. Some apps continue to pull your information, even if you delete them. To truly end their access, delete your account with them and change your WV Central online bacnking password. 

Check out the resources below for more information.