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For the month of October we are rewarding our members for their years of membership.


You will receive .01%, times the years you've been a member off the current qualified loan rate for any new loan(s) funded in October 2021. 


You will receive .01% divididend, times years of membership, added to any new money, 3,6,9 or 12 month Certificate of Deposit (CD) opened during the month of October. 

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Years of membership will be determined by the opened date on the primary members' account being used for the loan or CD. If an account has been opened for less than a year, members will receive credit for one year. 

Drag, Carry, Pull or Push your loan to WV Central FCU! 

We want to save you money with our low rates!  Refinance your auto or personal loan from another financial institution and enjoy more money in your pocket with no payments for 60 days

Our rates start as low as 1.65% APR*. 


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We'll take care of the rest. 

*Annual Percentage Rate. Based on a 36 month term, subject to creditworthiness. Additional money-saving rates available for different terms.  Loan of $20,000.00 at an Annual Percentage Rate of 1.65%, payment of $569.87 monthly.