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Giving Season

Posted on December 9, 2016

‘ Tis Better to...

Giving makes us feel better than receiving during the holidays, a new survey shows. The non-profit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society commissioned a survey, and found that an overwhelming majority of Americans (90%) say they believe the true meaning of the holidays is to help others and 87% say they wish they could do more to help others in need.

Eight in ten (82%) adults feel the spirit of the holidays has become lost in the commercialization. The survey, Gifts That Matter Most, revealed more than two in three adults (68%)– and three in four women (74%) – say that holiday shopping is stressful. This nationwide survey of more than 1,000 adults conducted by Russell Research reveals that nearly two-thirds of adults (63%) often feel pressure to find the "perfect gift."

However, there is a silver lining, as four-fifths (81%) of adults surveyed say the holidays put them in a giving spirit. The majority of adults (90%) prefer giving a gift that helps others rather than receiving one. Further, five in six adults (85%) believe donating to a charity has more of an impact than a material gift.

The survey found that five in six adults (84%) say charity donations are simple and time saving, while three in five adults (59%) say donating can take the stress out of holiday shopping. All of which validates the old saying tis better to give than to receive.

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